Childcare Rebate and Benefits

As our centre is fully accredited, most families will be eligible for either the Childcare Rebate or the Childcare Benefit and in some cases both. Make sure that you fill out the enrolment form in full and you contact centrelink to link your child's profile to your own, otherwise your details may not go through on the CCMS systems.

Ensure on the form that we have your's and your child's CRN's and any middle names as well as your DOB and your child's.

Centre Opening Details

Muddy Boots is open Mon - Fri from 8am to 4pm.

Any care after or before these hours may result in additional fees so please make sure you let us know if any unforeseen circumstances occur as we all understand that it can happen.

Make up days are available during school holidays upon request.

We are committed to evolving your child's creativity, individual identity and natural curiosity. So be prepared to receive many handmade gifts from your children from all their arts and craft sessions and more.

We provide our children with a diverse, active and in depth Early Learning program and there are many aspects of each day. However, we provide all the facilities required to guide your child through their preschool journey.

As such, there are only 4 regular things you need to pack in your child's schoolbag.

A Hat to combat the harsh Aussie Sun

A Sheet or blanket for rest time

Morning Tea - We encourage all our parents to pack healthy morning tea options such as a small plastic container of fruit. Muddy Boots provides drinking water all day every day but if you wish to pack another type of drink such as juice please feel free to do so but please don't pack any soft drinks.

Lunch -  A cut lunch, eg sandwich, and fruit is our recommended lunch. As we do encourage good nutrition please limit sweets and unhealthy options such as chips. Again we will supply our children with fresh drinking water but don't forget to pack their drink bottle even if empty.

PLEASE NOTE: As allergies in children can be severe and are becoming more common we are required by government regulation to remove any food containing allergens such as nuts. Please DO NOT pack these for your child's lunch as we will be forced to try and replace it and Vegemite is not for everyone.......

If your child is still learning to use the toilet instead of nappies, please remember to pack a spare pair of pants and undies to save any embarrassment in case of social emergencies......

And of course, don't forget to pack any cool artifacts or cultural items that you can share with the other children after an awesome weekend adventure or holiday.

What To Do

"Make some room on a shelf and the fridge ...........maybe even look at getting an additional cabinet."

What To Bring