Muddy boots provides a bridge between home and school. At Muddy Boots, our philosophy is to recognise, respect and value children as individuals and offer them the best possible care in a natural and anti-bias environment, where children can play and explore.

The early years are characterized by children actively learning though imitation and their own creative experience. Teachers will ensure the child’s imagination and sense of wonder is fostered through stories, songs, creative play, interaction and everyday involvement with nature and human activity.

Our early childhood centre is a warm, nurturing environment filled with beautiful natural play materials and outdoor spaces with animals and gardens to care for. The children learn through play and structured activities to cook, paint, garden, sew, use tools, share and problem solve. The rhythm of the preschool is thoughtfully created to allow a healthy flow from free play, to group activities, to structured learning experiences. This rhythmic structure provides a calming ebb and flow to the child’s day and helps to foster consistency and security.

Families are encouraged to share their culture, language and home experience with the centre. Our emphasis is on partnership with families and the greater community. Families are encouraged to participate in the centre and decision making.

Our program is inclusive of children with additional needs and they will be provided for. Programs and plans will reflect the individual child’s needs and where appropriate, resource workers will be utilized.

Our staff are committed to ongoing training and learning in the childcare field. The staff meet on a regular basis to discuss any issues arising at the centre and to evaluate practices. The centre regularly observes and evaluates all practices, to continually update and improve. Its aim to provide a loving, caring, nurturing environment that promotes each child’s learning, development, self-esteem and individuality.

We will endeavour to ensure open, honest and positive communication about your child’s day is expressed with you during times of drop/pick up, meetings and newsletters. Our program is based on the “EYLF” – Belonging, Being, Becoming for Children’s Services Learning in Early Childhood is particularly significant as it lays the foundation for all future learning. Learning in childhood largely happens through engagement with others and the physical world.

“Updated 06/01/2016 by Staff and Families”

"Rudolf Steiner"

Receive the children in reverence;

Educate them in love;

Let them go forth in freedom

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